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The North Ayrshire Synchro squad are putting in final preparations for the highlight of their season at the Scottish Nationals.
Synchro 3This year the club is putting forward our biggest entry yet with five swimmers qualifying to compete at Drumchapel - Ailidh Brobyn, Erin Patten, Grace Thom and Danielle and Kerry Ternent.
For the under 12s three of them will be competing figures, two in solos, and one in duet.
We have two swimmers in the 13-15 year-old figures and one in 19 and under duet.
Good luck to them all.
They’ve had a very busy month of competitions, starting with the Grade day at Bo’ness in May.
Danielle became the club’s first swimmer to achieve Grade 4, while sister, Kerry, passed her Grade 3 and Grace Thom reached Grade 2.
Syncho 2At the start of this month we took 14 swimmers to the Synchro for all competition at Carnagie Leisure Centre.
For many of them it was their first experience of a synchro competition for many of them and they were a credit to our club.
There were two levels for Novices and for Beginners the results were:
11th Emma Plimbley
15th Lucy Plimbley
19th Shona Robinson
20th Abigail Whitby
22th Isla MacFarlane
23th Ailsa MacFarlane
24th Eva Bradley White
27th Kate Prentice
6th Emma and Lucy Plimbley
11th Abigail Whitby and Eva Bradley White
12th Ailsa MacFarlane and Shona Robinson
13th Isla MacFarlane and Kate Prentice

Syncho 1Novice Leve 2:
1st Lucy Byres
6th Layla Reid
7th Emma Binnie
11th Molly Scott
13th Salma Shaheen
1st Lucy Byres
2nd Emma Binnie
4th Moly Scott
3rd Layla Reid and Salma Shaheen
Novice Team
2nd - Lucy Byres, Molly Scott, Emma Binnie, Layla Reid, Salma Shaheen and Grace Thom
We can’t finish this round-up without a few words for the fabulous achievement of Grace’s mum, Shonah, who raised a total of £1,085.55 for the club running the London Marathon. £283 of that was collected by the girls through their sponsored swims.
A brilliant effort all round!